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  • Lindsey King

My slinky Davenport dress

Welcome to my first blog post about a make!

The Pattern

The pattern is available in PDF and printed format, and has an excellently inclusive size range from XS to 7X (160cm/63" hip).

It's a throw on dress with no closures (lovely) and a tie waist, so it's easy to fit. It has little flutters on the shoulders, elasticated front neckline and cuffs.

The construction of the bodice is really satisfying to make. It encases all of the seams really neatly and the back yoke is making using the 'burrito method', which confused me no end the first time I did it - this is where sew along videos come into their own! When you pull it right side out afterwards it's like a little piece of magic.

The Fabric

I made my first Davenport dress by Friday Pattern Company shortly after the pattern was first released (back in April 2021) and have meant to make another version since then. I was just waiting for the perfect fabric!

Cue this absolute stunner from Fabric Godmother. It's called 'Maddie' and is viscose sateen, and is lightweight with a gorgeous satin sheen and a slightly crepey texture to the wrong side. This print is also available in a cotton lawn.

I had scored myself some in their sale to make a Saturday Skirt set (also by Friday Pattern Co) and loved the fabric so much I bought some more. Happily it was in their sale for half price, which made the decision much easier!

This fabric is pretty fine and slippery, so I used a Microtex needle and super fine pins.

My Hacks/Adjustments

After making similar pockets in my Saturday Skirt I knew how easily they would pull out of shape in the same fabric, so decided to omit them altogether. A tough decision for a pocket lover. To do this I lay the pocket and skirt pattern pieces together while cutting out.

I wanted a bit more length to the skirt so increased the main skirt pieces by 15cm.

For the shoulder flutters I doubled the fabric rather than hemming a single layer, as I didn't want any of the wrong side of the fabric to show when it 'flutters'.

To conclude, the Davenport dress is a really satisfying pattern to make. It has really neat construction and the instructions are well written and easy to follow - plus as I mentioned before, Friday Pattern Co have a sew along video on their website which always helps if you get stuck and can't visualise a section.

Made in this drapey fabric it immediately makes it more dressy, but ill most likely wear it with chunky boots and a cardy to make it more casual.

Have you made one of these? Are you going to give it a go?!

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