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  • Lindsey King

Date Night Saturday Skirt Set

The Pattern

This is one of those patterns where I saw it on release day and had an immediate vision of what fabric I would make it in and knew it had to be done!

As the name suggests it's a two piece set with a elasticated waist skirt and a tie/wrap front shirt.

It's described by Friday Pattern Company as being "for when it’s Saturday night and you have ‘nothing to wear’".

As per usual for Friday it has an impressively inclusive size range, going up to size 7X or 60" chest.

The instructions are pretty good, and very helpfully they have a sew along video on their website.

The Fabric

If this looks familiar you're quite right. I made this set and loved the fabric so much that I bought some more to make my Davenport dress; see my previous blog post for details!

It's a viscose sateen to called Maddie from Fabric Godmother. It went into their sale, and as I'd had my eye on it for some time I pounced on it.

It's slinky and quite slippery, so it wasn't the easiest to sew, but completely worth it when I feels absolutely gorgeous to wear.

I'd recommend a fine microtex needle and super fine pins. I like the Merchant and Mills entomology pins for such jobs.

My Hacks/Adjustments

Now, I forgot to take a photo of it while I was doing it (I'm new at this sewing blogger lark), the pattern doesn't say to but I chose to interface the uppermost half of the front section of the waistband. The fabric is so drapey I thought it would be daft not to.

The finishing and construction of the waist isn't my favourite, but I couldn't think of another way to do in my rush to sew it.

I had to unpick where the tops of the pockets join the waist as they were saggy. This is a common problem I've found with slant pockets and drapey fabrics.

At the end of the instructions they say you can topstitch the shirt facing in place if needed, and because of the drapey nature of the fabric this was definitely necessary for me.

I wouldn't ever wear this tied at the front, as I don't like to show my midriff, but find that by wrapping it and tying at the back I get pretty good coverage and don't seem to flash much skin.

The skirt is comfortable and I can see myself wearing it with t-shirts or jumpers. I took some length out of the pattern pieces before cutting out as I'm 5 foot 2 and have to shorten every single thing I make. Saves on fabric!

It's such a fun set, and came together reasonably quickly.

I made a size S on top and a M for the skirt, but I probably could have gone up a size on the top to allow the wrap to come around a bit more.

Have you made this set yet?

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